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Horizontal Flow Wrapper Machines

We supply a wide range of Flow Wrapping Solutions from entry level stand-alone applications, to complete lines with feeding systems. 

Flow wrap film
Flow wrap film
Flow wrap film

PacMatix as a leader in the Australian market and have completed more than 50 installations in the last 4 years. We were runner up in the APPMA Awards of Excellence 2022 for our contribution through the Import and Distribution of our GSP 50s Flow Wrapper.

This wrapper can wrap a wide variety of products and is the most flexible machine in it's class. We keep a variety of flow wrap machines in stock in Melbourne, Australia and can supply entry level machines with extremely fast turn-around time.

Our Flow wrappers are all designed and manufactured in Italy and represent the latest technology paired with high quality components. Our suppliers General System Pack and Tecno Pack are part of the Tecno Pack Group and have been designing and building food packaging solutions for more than 35 Years. 

What do our customers say about our equipment and installations?

Flow wrappers in stock Melbourne

We have flow wrappers in stock

GSP 45s Flow wrapper

GSP 45s

Entry level flow wrapper machine for small to medium size products. Designed for stand-alone applications.

GSP 50s Flow Wrapper

GSP 50s (Best Selling Model)

Entry level flow wrapper for small to large size products. Designed for stand-alone applications. 

Tecno Pack FP 20s Flow wrapping machine

Tecno Pack FP 020s

Mid range flow wrap machine for stand-alone applications as well as automated lines. Suitable for medium to high volume production. 

GSP 55BB Top Seal Flow wrappers


Inverted flow wrapper with rotary motion jaws. Suitable for herbs, cos lettuce etc.

FP 021 Flow Wrapper Top Seal

Tecno Pack FP 021 LD INOX

Inverted flow wrapper with long dwell sealing jaws designed for dairy products.

Box Motion Flow wrapper


Box motion flow wrapper ideal for modified atmosphere packaging. Also suitable for trays where high quality gussets with thick materials are required.

65evo - ex fp 025 evo-002.jpg


Box motion flow wrapper ideal for modified atmosphere packaging. Also suitable for trays where high quality gussets with thick materials are required.

Box Mothing flow wrap machine

Tecno Pack FP025 BB Cantilever

Box motion flow wrapper ideal for modified atmosphere packaging.

FP 095e Flow Wrapper

Tecno Pack FP 095E

High performance flow wrapper designed for integration into lines with feeding systems.

Biscuit packing line

High Speed Biscuit Packing lines

Lines with Chicane feeding systems for wrapping biscuits at high speed.

Row Removal Systems

Row Removal Systems

Row Removal systems for bars, sponge cakes and croissants produced on automatic lines.

Biscuits on edge

Systems for biscuit on pile packaging. 

Automatic packaging of biscuits both on edge and piled up in stacks.

Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 4.05.31 pm.png

What makes our machines different? Most of our flow wrappers are newly designed models introduced into the market over the last few years and have modern designs and features. A lot of our competitors still rely on on outdated technologies and have simply refreshed old models thus lack in functionality, safety features and performance.

Our Flow Wrapper Machines are extremely versatile equipment  used to form pillow pack bags from a reel of film. The film is threaded through a series of unwind rollers and a tunnel is formed by means of a forming box. The package is sealed underneath by a series of sealing wheels and the end seals formed and cut-off by means of a set of sealing jaws creating a neat and presentable pillow pack.

Flow Wrapping, or Horizontal Form-Fill and Seal (HFFS) is the process of making a horizontal bag from a single roll of film. Heat is applied to the bottom and ends of the film to form a sealed, flexible package already filled with products. Flow wrap packaging is used for a variety of products from food and bake goods to regular household items and stationary.

Some of our happy customers 

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